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Family Travel Tips

Family Holidays:
Tips for health and safety, emergency medical services .If you decide to go to sea with a child of preschool age for the first time, before leaving necessarily show it to the pediatrician and check if there are any contraindications. From this depends largely on choice of where to go. In this case, if you want to give your child is not only fun vacation, but also recovery, then at sea it must carry no less than three weeks. The Black Sea resorts are suitable for recreation for children since the age of 2. Just do not go in the July heat when the temperature exceeds + 25 ° C. To travel with a child is best suited last month of summer. But in velvet period can not be abused by the sun.
-Don’t Go with the child on a beach in the period from 11 to 16 hours.
-Beregite Child from prolonged exposure to the sun.
-Required Lubricate the baby’s body sunscreen (means buy in advance before leaving the pharmacy after consultation with the child’s doctor).
-On The beach child should be wearing a light shirt made of cotton with long sleeves, and on her head – panama

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