Restaurant in Prominada

A wonderful rest is impossible without tasty and delicious dishes, therefore there is a cozy restaurant with European and Odessa cuisine in the territory of the hotel “Prominada” . Exquisite interior is in harmony with the overall design concept. Light colors and a maximum of space have a good mood and a delicious meal.

Our guests receive a unique opportunity to pamper themselves with a magnificent culinary variety from the chef of the restaurant. Freshness of products and technology of preparation of dishes allow to be assured of their high quality.


The summer courtyard of the restaurant will allow you to enjoy the sun”s rays, refreshing from time to time in the pleasant coolness of the outdoor pool.

Nearby is the Lobby Bar , where you can drink a cup of coffee or fragrant tea, as well as a milk shake or an alcoholic cocktail.

Wi-Fi is available in the entire complex. Resting in Odessa, you can contact your relatives or check important news for you in your mail. Just like in a cozy hotel, you will find the highest level of service. Here you can forget about the noisy, bustling city and plunge into the atmosphere of leisurely respectable rest in a hotel near the sea.

Restaurant menu

Restaurant menu

The menu of the restaurant “Promenada” is represented by dishes of European, Ukrainian and, close to each of us, home cooking. Here for you they prepare with knowledge of business and only from fresh products. And most importantly, in each dish is a part of the soul and talent of our cooks. A decent map of alcoholic beverages will help to cancel and supplement the taste of dishes.



The Promenade restaurant proposes to start a wonderful day with a tasty and healthy breakfast. Every morning, from 7:00 am to 11:00 am, we are waiting for you on restaraunt.

Breakfast assortment on the menu


-Oatmeal porridge



-Omelette with ham and cheese



-Omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes



-Fried eggs



-Pancakes with curd


-Sembum slightly salted

-Kolbasa with / to


-Myaso smoked

-Becon roasted


-Cotlets chicken

-Parts of potato

-Boiled broccoli / asparagus

-Stewed cabbage


-P Tomatoes

-Palace salad

-Egg boiled

-Fried egg

-Omelet with ham and cheese

-Omelet with mushrooms and tomatoes

-Souves in assortment



-Seeds cottage cheese

-Cottage cheese

-Sour cream





-Chees Feta

-Syr Royal

-Shire Marble

-Snow toast

-A flakes in assortment

-Homemade baking

-Bread in assortment

-Money, jam


-Coffee Tea

-Shock in assortment

-Mineral water

Children”s menu

Children”s menu

All the best, tasty and useful – CHILD! This is the concept our chefs adhere to when serving the smallest and most important guests. In our restaurant dishes from the children”s menu are prepared using the freshest and most useful products. And, of course, the very important role played by the supply of dishes. The Promenade restaurant has something to surprise the youngest and most demanding guests.

Wedding organization

Wedding organization.

The solemn event will look exquisite, if you decide to spend it in the walls of our restaurant.
Restaurant hall Prominada Hotel in Odessa —  this is the best place for a family dinner, a corporate evening, as well as for celebrating a birthday and an anniversary. But the main thing is that the restaurant will help create the most memorable celebration in your life – this is your wedding.
The spacious hall can accommodate up to 60 people. Our experts will help you to think over the smallest details and make your event prestigious and memorable.


Professional staff will ensure an individual approach to each guest. We offer a lot of culinary dishes of European and Odessa cuisine. Your guests will be satisfied and satisfied with the banquet menu developed for you.
In the warm season, a romantic wedding wedding ceremony can be organized on a summer patio. You will spend this happy moment surrounded by family and friends, observing your family traditions.
A nice gift to the newlyweds from the hotel “Promenade” will be a luxurious suite. The promotion is valid from October 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016 (subject to availability).
We will take into account all your wishes, creating one of the unforgettable days of your life.



Our restaurant is a great place for such celebrations as a wedding (as a gift from the hotel the night in the suite for newlyweds is free), birthday (as a compliment from the institution), corporate parties. So it”s different kind of conference.

Estimated cost of the banquet menu per guest = 800 UAH. (cold appetizers, salads, hot snacks, main course, side dishes, soft drinks.)

The restaurant is open until 23:00. From 23:00 to 00:00 allowed background music.
After 00:00 the hall can be extended for an additional cost, but only with the Background Music. The cost of the OVER TIME service per hour of the hall is 400 UAH.

In addition, 10% of the total amount of the order for serving the banquet is included in the invoice.



If you plan to spend a New Year”s corporate in Odessa and are anxious to find the most suitable place for this event-Restaurant “Promenade” is ready to come to your aid.
Having stopped your choice at the Promenade restaurant, you can count on a comfortable lounge, the attention of the staff, who can quickly solve all the tasks, the extensive menu and the high professionalism of our chefs.
The hall of the restaurant “Promenada” allows you to conveniently place guests in any format. This can be a banquet seating, which can accommodate up to 60 guests, or a buffet table – which gives the opportunity to accommodate 70 guests.
All possible variants of placements depend only on your preferences. The restaurant “Promenada” can solve for you all organizational issues quickly and efficiently, regardless of the planned corporate celebration budget.
To rent the Promenade Restaurant, you only need to contact our Administrator in advance. You will be pleasantly surprised by the price combined with the impeccable service. Our Administrator will be happy to help you choose the most suitable variant of the banquet or buffet menu, if you wish, you can directly participate in all preparations, making your own personal adjustments.
And the hotel “Promenada” invites you to visit comfortable, elegantly decorated rooms and spend a New Year”s Eve with us. Cozy, with a very beautiful interior, the Promenade Hotel will create an atmosphere of New Year”s coziness, will make you feel at home. Quiet surroundings, courteous and attentive staff will leave you a pleasant experience and desire to again visit the hotel and restaurant.

Summer terrace with pool

Summer terrace with pool

You do not have to go down to the sea to soak up the rays of the Odessa sun … The summer courtyard of the Promenade restaurant will allow you to enjoy this feeling away from the hustle and bustle of your favorite drink, refreshing from time to time in the pleasant coolness of the outdoor pool. The pool is open from 7am to 7 pm. The length of the pool is 10 m, width is 3.5 m, depth is 1.5 m. Around the pool are free sun loungers for guests, mattresses, umbrellas – you can sunbathe. As arbors – at the pool you can have a delicious meal in the fresh air.

“…and let the whole world wait…”

Special Offers (Shares)

Special Offers (Shares)

– Dear guests, celebrate your birthday at the restaurant Promenada and get a discount as a gift!

– Order a bottle of strong drink and get assorted branded pickles as a gift!

“Do you work nearby?” We invite you to a business lunch! On weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00 you can choose any three dishes from the lunch menu for only 170 UAH.


Restaurant Promenada offers to your attention cooking of its own production, consisting of a variety of vareniki, pelmeni, pancakes, cabbage rolls and a large assortment of semi-finished products that our cooks prepare in the best traditions of home cooking. Five minutes – and a delicious dinner is ready! Why waste time preparing food if you can spend it with your loved ones?

“Taste and surprise”

Summer menu

Do not miss the opportunity to pamper yourself with the grandeur of new flavors in the Promenade restaurant.